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USB Huh??!!

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TECH TALK, by Fred Van Vactor

I was in Bi Mart the other day, looking to buy some new music on cassette tape when I noticed they had some of these little buggers on sale!  

What IS it? I can hear you asking..

It's called a portable "USB drive"

This device

takes, carries, or contains, digital information, "music" for example:

and stores it 

like a container

Then you can take it from one computer

to another computer (for FREE)

Put information such as "music" on that computer (FOR FREE)

and give it to as many other computers

As you want to (FOR FREE)

This is cool

Since nobody buys cassette tapes or CD's any more (except me)

So it's no wonder that EVERYBODY wants one of these so called

portable "USB drives"

Nobody really knows what  "USB" stands for,

so I will explain that:

"U.S.B." Stands for

United States Butthole

You slip the device into

the "butthole" of your laptop computer

and whatever "digital information" you want

is "pooped" safely and silently into this portable "USB drive" 

So now,

NOBODY has to buy CD's anymore

(Except for ONE person to start the cycle) 

ME likely..

Which is why there IS A significant lack of:

record stores or 

shops like Bi Mart selling CD's or cassette tapes, or

LP records.

Instead there soon will be "coaster shops"

Selling "repurposed" compact discs

for the growing coffee/tea mug industry 

(check Etsy?) 

Which translates to musicians (former musicians)

Being repurposed to:

temp workers, janitors, bank tellers, clerks at Guitar Center, baristas, dishwashers, waitresses, pizza delivery, sign spinners, marijuana dispensary clerks, retailers at Grand Central Baking co. etc.

I hope this explains a lot for you. I tried to break it down simply so that you might understand.

Thank You! 


Fred Van Vactor