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The cat swallowed the bird in this photograph!  I wish to introduce to you one of my favorite people I've ever had the pleasure to know and walk the earth with.  Mercy Tatum (on my right) is one of the most unique, charming, and beautiful people ever alive.  Born with a natural sense of "coolness" and "Individuality" both she and her genius amazing husband Trey have certainly been one of my greatest treasured confidante's here in our city of Portland.  These are my people!   So when I had the opportunity to have my web site redesigned I naturally jumped at the chance to work with the Mercy Tatum!  We chose designs together and talked colors, fonts, and templates until my brain turned to mush.. Then the next day, like magic, like a new hairdo, "poof!" The new Fred Van Vactor web site appeared!  We are both proud parents of the new:  It's my new place to blog and post all of my musical musings and display anything to do with ME!  I'm about to fill the site up with the fresh new me! Very soon, the shop will be up and I'll be selling t-shirts and cd's, etc. Boy oh boy am I stoked about this!  Please take the time to click around on it!  It's for you, about ME Yay!!!! Me!!!

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