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Smith Corona Time Machine

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I'm not sure if I'm part of a new poet Renaissance or something.. But, Look what I found on Craigslist! My parents had (mom may still have it?) This exact model of Smith Carona typewriter. See, I currently don't own a computer printer.. and my Mac laptop is antiquated.. I'm still using the IPad 2.  I had a batch of lyrics I wanted to print, so yesterday I had to email them to the UPS store, then walk in and ask, "Did you get a batch of emails from Fred Van Vactor?"  "Can you print me a copy of each of those?"   It cost me like one dollar 17 cents to print 12 pages, which was a drop in the hat.. 

    The typewriter I saw on Craigslist and recognized it immediately.  The guy selling it lived 8 blocks away in Sellwood, right down where I go on my morning/afternoon walks..  He brought it out and demonstrated it. SOLD!  I paid $60, a deal in my book. It feels like a piece of family history.  I like the feeling of punching the letters in.. Perhaps late at night, while listening to the classical music station drinking port wine like Charles Bukowski, or maybe early in the morning at the tea shop across the street.. There are a couple of typewriter repair specialty shops here in Portland.   Ace Typwriter & equipment has been in business since 1961. I think that's too cool for school.  So perhaps I'll be blogging soon on my typewriter..! As I sit now, in my livingroom, poking my old iPad 2 in 2015.. morning light shining through the front window.  It has me thinking about the past and how things have changed so much over the years; telephones with rotary dials, cassette tapes, vinyl records, 8 track, TV in general, Donnie and Marie.. That's the era that I came out of growing up in Roseburg Oregon in the 1970's.  This machine reminds me of a simpler time.  I'm feeling sentimental now. Gotta write! 

Cheers ya'll!