Fred Van Vactor

Frederick Van VactorComment

Friends, these boots were made to travel! Looks like  I'm gonna hit the road in May/June.  I'm looking to visit people FOR REAL and play (and sing) for pretty much anybody who will listen. Talk to me about doing a house concert, barbecue picnic, wine shop, coffee shop, pub, club, whatever, wherever: Eugene, Seattle, Roseburg, the coast, Bend, you name it.. I'm going to be a traveling troubadour for a while.. Im going wherever the muse takes me.  I'm on a journey of self exploration, self realization, and manifestation.  I'm following the wind. Also, I might crash on your couch and drink your grandmothers tea.  I'm a travelin' man!  If you are in the Northwest and have an idea for me please contact me here at my website!  I'd love to see you in person!  Gracias!