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GIGS GIGS and more GIGS!

Frederick Van VactorComment

Hi folks!

tonight is Wednesday night, my night to play at Homebase coffee and espresso at 7:30pm.  This gig has been very good to me.  I'm getting my sea legs back after having too much time away (from playing out).  I hope people can make it!  I always have fun, but the more the merrier!  The people make the party they say!  I have other opportunities to play, such as; 

THIS FRIDAY the 6th. I'll be doing a 30 minute set at 9:15pm. at the lovely Artichoke Music Venue on Hawthorne here in Portland.  The cost is only $5 and they serve beer/wine.  This is a lovely place with: great people, excellent sound system, and a wonderful listening environment.  I'm really exited to play here!  Come here and feel the love!  This will be a great time!  There will be 3 other singer/songwriters on this night. Doors open at 7pm. show begins at 7:30pm

Also, if anybody wants to host a house concert or event, please get ahold of me.  I am looking to play anywhere in the Oregon, Washington area within the next few months.. (Hello, Eugene, Roseburg, Seattle, etc.). I need some road trips!  I will gladly play at your uncles biker bar, or your grandma's bridge club dining hall, or your cousins apartment complex laundry room, your dear sisters wedding, or your own livingroom!  I accept cash or payment in tacos!  Mmm.. Tacos!  


Mucho's Gracias! 


(that means "thank you" in the language of tacos)